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Weekly Calendar for Aug 30th - Sept 5th

How are your workouts going? I know this heat has helped me stay inside for my barre workouts the last week. If you are keeping up with the calendar you will have LEG DAY tomorrow and it's a doozy. You will definitely be sore on Saturday! Also, ankle weights are back in stock on amazon so if you have been waiting there is not time like now than to get yours ordered. The next 30 day Core Challenge will start in middle/end of September and they will add a lot of intensity to the challenges! And I will be launching a 14 day holiday challenge around Thanksgiving that you will need a ball, weights and band. Fall will be all about getting back on track!

Here is the calendar for Sunday August 30th - Saturday Sept 5th. I am taking the guess work out of you trying to pick and choose your workouts. Sometimes I balance it so it is total body workout while other days the focus is really building strength and endurance in one area. It's good to keep your body guessing!

I will not have a calendar for the Sunday and Monday of Labor Day but will continue with the workouts for Tuesday Sept 8th!

Sunday: 25 min Beginner Week 4 Workout #1 Ball and Weights Total Body (Beginner Channel) AND 10 min Beginner Week #4 Bonus Burn Oblique and Side Body (Beginner Channel) REMEMBER: Beginner videos do not equal EASY. They are still the same intensity but with more explanation and modifications.

Monday: 20 min Shaky Legs with Ankle Weights (optional) (Lean Legs Channel) AND BS Express #8 Adv Toned Arms with weights 10 min (Body Sculpt Channel)

Tuesday: #4 BS Express 10 min Advanced Body Sculpt AND #6 BS Express 8 min Core Core Core (both on Body Sculpt Channel)

Wednesday: Int Barre Sculpt Workout - 40 min No props (Intermediate Channel)

Thursday: Intermediate Week 5 Workout #2 21 minutes (Intermediate Channel)

Friday: Intermediate Week 1 Core Bonus Burn 7 min (Intermediate Channel) AND Intermediate Week 2 Legs and Thighs Bonus Burn 8 min (Intermediate Channel) AND Intermediate Week 3 Workout #1 and #2 32 min (Intermediate Channel)

Saturday: All Levels Lower Body Target 15 min AND 16 min Cardio and Legs with Ankle Weights and Hand Weights Optional. Both on Lean Legs Channel) LEG DAY!

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