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Weekly Calendar for June 13th

If May was busy, June feels like there is twice as many schedules activities and events than ever before. whew. We are eclipsing the half way point of June...which means SUMMER IS officially in session!

Here is the weekly calendar for June 13th. This week will include 6 videos total, but some are done on the same day.

Day 1: #1 BS EXPRESS 10 min ADV Core with the ball + #3 BS EXPRESS 10 min ARM SCULPT (both on the ADV UNDER 30 min CH)

Day 2: #6 BS EXPRESS 8 min CORE CORE CORE + #11 BS EXPRESS 20 min Barre with Ball (BOTH ON THE ADV UNDER 30 min CHANNEL)

Day 3: 15 min LEG LOVERS (Lean Legs Channel) + 15 min Butt Lifting Pretzel (Lean Legs Channel)

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