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Weekly Calendar Sept 13 - 19

Good morning! You continue to amaze me with your dedication to the calendar the last few weeks. I know these first few days of school starting and schedules filling up can make it difficult to find the time for yourself. Keep up the good work! There are a lot of new members to the site this week, WELCOME!

Below is the calendar for next week. The following week the new CORE CHALLENGE will be starting so that will be added to the weekly workouts for those of you taking part.

Sunday: BODY SCULPT #5, MORE THAN CORE (Body Sculpt Channel)

Monday: #4 40 min Combinations (INTERMEDIATE CHANNEL)

Tuesday: 17 min Legs on Fire Cardio Barre Fusion AND #5 BS Express 9 min Back and Tricep Sculpt (BODY SCULPT CHANNEL)

Wednesday: #10 30 min MAX OUT (INTERMEDIATE CHANNEL)

Thursday: Core Challenge #1 (14 min) and #6 (8 min) (30 DAY CORE CHALLENGE CHANNEL)

Friday: 14 min Glute and Thighs with Ankle Weights (optional) (LEAN LEGS CHANNEL) AND Body Sculpt #4 of 5 30 min (BODY SCULPT CHANNEL)

Saturday: #1 40 min Let's Get Started (INTERMEDIATE CHANNEL)

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1 Comment

Sep 11, 2020

On Tuesday the 17 minute legs on fire cardio barre fusion is located on the lean legs channel. Sorry I missed that!

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