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Weekly Calendar Sept 8th - 12th

I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend! Looks like many of you are getting your workouts in, well done! Not an easy task to stay disciplined on a holiday weekend.

I have renamed and reordered the INTERMEDIATE SERIES CHANNEL. Like the beginner series, this will make it easier for you to locate the videos and go in the order from 1 - 25. The workouts range from 7 min to 45 plenty of options to squeeze in a workout whenever and where ever. The INTERMEDIATE SERIES will be ongoing, meaning I will be adding videos to it all the time.

Here is the calendar for Tuesday - Saturday next week:

Tuesday: #13 20 min Complete Failure. (Intermediate Channel)

Wednesday: #21 40 min Everything but the Kitchen Sink (Intermediate Channel)

Thursday: NEW! 15 min Butt Lifting Pretzel (Lean Legs Channel) AND 20 min Lean Legs Lower Body Barre (Lean Legs Channel) LEG DAY

Friday: Core Challenge #1 of 6, 14 minutes. (Core Challenge Channel) AND #1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with the Ball (Body Sculpt Channel)

Saturday: Body Sculpt #3 of 5 Tank Top Arms 30 min (Body Sculpt Channel)

Also, the next 30 Day Core Challenge 2.0 will start Sept 21! There are props included in this new challenge. A Ball and hand weights are needed. Ankle weights are "encouraged" to use on days 4, 5 and 6 of each video. Makes a HUGE difference. For those of you that have a TJ Maxx in your area, I saw some there last week for less than 10 bucks! Grab them if you can!

I will continue the weekly calendar to help keep you on track! I am looking into sending out a downloadable calendar in the future that will be easy to read and follow.


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