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Weekly Plan, CORE CHALLENGE 2.0 and new BS Express Video

I hope this email finds you all enjoying your last few weeks of summer! With all the changes and unknowns ahead of us I know fitting in a workout has not been priority for all. I think it's time for a new challenge?? I will post this week's workout plan in this email. But I'd also like to announce CORE CHALLENGE 2.0 will be launching this fall! 30 days, 6 videos, higher intensity. As soon as CC 2.0 is over, I will be launching a pre Thanksgiving calendar to keep everyone on track as the holidays approach!

A new BS Express video up on the site. It will be part of this weeks calendar:

Monday: BS Express #9 8 minutes : Body Sculpt Channel

Tuesday: 14 min Glute and Thihgs with Ankle Weights (optional) Lean Legs Channel

Wednesday: 20 min Int Week #6 "One Step at a Time" : Intermediate Channel

Thursday: Popeye Arms 13 min: Intermediate Channel

Friday: 40 Adv All Over Body Burn with Ball - Intermediate Channel

Saturday: 12 min Beginner Week 2 Arms/Abs Bonus Burn - Beginner Channel

The dog days of summer can lack discipline and schedules. I'll keep the weekly schedule coming until CC 2.0 launches and then a slew of new videos will be launching on the site! Until then, stay focused!


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