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Weekly Workout Calendar

I'm going to keep this blog short for the first FULL week of June. Bring on summer! Remember, the arm challenge is coming near the end of June. It will be a full week of short upper body videos that have been so fun for me to create!

The weekly calendar for June 6th has 2 videos in each workout:

Workout #1: #12 BS Express 10 min Adv Arms and Core Don't stop AND #3 BS Express 10 min Arm Sculpt (BODY SCULPT CH)

Workout #2: LEG DAY! 16 min Cardio and Legs (LL CH) and 20 min Shaky Legs (LL CH)

Workout #3: Core Challenge 1.0 #3 AND Core Challenge 2.0 #3 (This was an awesome combo!)

Workout #4: #23 10 min Core Definition (INT CH) AND #33 20 min YOGA SESH (INT CH)

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