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Weekly Workout Plan for Aug 23-29

I love all the action I'm seeing on the site this week! I hope the workout calendar is giving you a plan and some motivation to squeeze in your barre workout each day. Here is the calendar for next week starting Sunday:

Sunday: Intermediate Week 1 Workout #1 43 minutes: (Intermediate Channel)

Monday: Heavy Weight Arms 10 min: (Intermediate Channel)

Tuesday: #1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with Ball (Body Sculpt Channel)

AND 17 min Legs on Fire Cardo Barre Fusion (Lean Legs Channel)

Wednesday: Beginner Week 5 Workout #1 25 min (Beginner Channel)

Thursday: Intermediate Week 5 Workout #2 21 min (Intermediate Channel) AND Abominable

Abdominals 17 min Core Target (Intermediate Channel)

Friday: Intermediate Glute Target 18 min (Lean Legs Channel) AND 10 min Leg Burner with Hand weights (Lean Legs Channel) LEG DAY!

Saturday: Core Challenge #2 8 min (Core Challenge Channel) and #5 BS Express 9 min Back and Triceps Sculpt (Body Sculpt Channel) AND 20 min Int Week #6 Workout #2 "One Step at a Time" (Intermediate Channel)

Remember you get to pick which day you do each plan. If you have more time on certain days, save the longer workouts for those days! Or break up the workouts that have several short videos and do 1 in the morning, 1 over lunch and 1 before dinner. The plan is here so you can look at your calendar and schedule accordingly. For those of you that have the ankle weights, start using them! The add so much intensity to your core and balance.

Keep up the great work!


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