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Happy Memorial Weekend Eve. I hope some of you that don't live in MN are getting some better weather! We will be cold and rainy this weekend. Take time to thank and honor the military personnel who have died and served for the US Armed Forces.

There is a lot coming up at Studio E. I am currently filming the new arm challenge. I have 4 videos done and hope to have the rest done in a couple of weeks. The challenge sill start near the end of June just in time for Independence Day. As I sit here, I can barely lift my arms over my shoulders from the one I recorded yesterday. This will sure to be a challenge you will want to join!

I also am recording full length barre classes that will be ready to go live in September. I have kept the latest classes short given the feedback from all of you subscribers. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and I know long barre classes aren't what your schedule needs. But they will be back with new exercises and series as the seasons change!

Here are the classes for next week, June 1st:

Workout #1: Core Challenge 2.0 #1

Workout #2: #6 8 min Strong Legs (INT CH) AND #8 15 min 4 dimensional Glutes (INT CH)

Workout #3: #17 15 min Advanced Abs with Weights (INT CH)

Workout #4: #21 40 min Everything but the Kitchen Sink (INT CH)

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