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Workout Calendar for July 27 - August 1

Good morning! Here is the schedule of videos for this week! I have 3 new videos posted that are included in this week's schedule!

Monday: new BS Express #7 Sleek Abs: Body Sculpt Channel

Tuesday: New BS Express #8 Arms: Body Sculpt Channel

Wed: 17 Min Cardio Barre Fusion : Lean Legs Channel

Thurs: 43 min Intermediate Week 1 Workout #1 : Intermediate Channel

Friday: 15 min Total Body Target: Beginner Channel

Saturday: Core Challenge #4 AND Core Challenge # 3 (in that order) : Core Challenge Channel.

Pick and choose which days work for you. If you have more time on Saturday to do the 43 min workout then switch them around. Good luck! Erin

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