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10 min Advanced Arms/Core

Good morning! The new video for next weeks calendar is #12 BS Express 10 min ADVANCED ARMS AND CORE. The Updog Series will take center stage in this video. It will give your arms and core instant tone and strength. I recommend repeeating this class several times over the next couple of weeks to really see some gains.

Here is the weekly calendar for April 11th, 2021:

SUN: BS Express #2, #5 and #12. This will be a GREAT Sunday challenge.

MON: Barre Strong #20 10 min "A Leg Up" and #16 26 min "From Top to Bottom"

TUES: Barre Strong #4 8 min"Meet in the middle" and #3 20 min "A New Kind of Pain"

WED: INT CHANNEL - #8 15 min 4 Dimensional Glutes and #11 10 min Total Body no props

TH: INT CHANNEL - #15 20 min Shake to Change

FRI: INT CHANNEL - #17 15 min Advanced Abs with weights AND #26 35 min FIERCE FRIDAY BARRE


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