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20 min Barre with Ball

Happy April! And welcome to all of the new Studio E members! Congrats on taking a step into adding or starting your on the go fitness plan!

The new video for this week is on the BODY SCULPT CHANNEL. BS Express 20 min Barre with Ball. Sorry for the very boring name. The class is NOT boring and goes by very quickly. You will use the ball for almost every exercise. We will use the ball flex our spines to give our posture and sitting muscles a much needed spa moment! We also use it for some great core exercises. This is a total body class and you will hit your obliques, abs, glutes, back and arms.

Here is the weekly workout calendar for April 4th:

SUN: NEW! BS Express 20 min Barre with Ball (BS CH)

MON: #5 BS Express Back and Tricep Sculpt AND #4 BS Express 10 min Adv Body Sculpt

TUES: LEG DAY! 14 min Glute and Thighs (LL CH) AND 16 min Cardio and Legs with weights (LL C)

WED: #15 20 min Shake to Change (INT CH) AND #31 20 min Conquer Combinations

THURS: #32 11 min Arms, Core and a Whole Lot more (INT CH) AND #33 20 min Yoga Sesh (INT CH)

FRI: #26 35 min Fierce Friday Barre (INT CH)

SAT: CORE CHALLENGE 2.0 #1 and #6 (CCC)

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