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4 Advanced Core Challenge : Week of Nov 8th

November is in full swing. Bring on winter sports, pumpkin spice lattes and shackets. Challenge 2 is going give your core an awakening that will get you ready for what's in store for you in December! It is 4 days and each day consists of 2-3 workouts all focused on core.

Challenge 2: Week of Nov 8th.

4 Day Advanced Core Challenge

Day 1

#3 10 min Ab blast (INT CH)

#2 BS Express 5 min Side Body Carve (ADV UNDER 30 CH)

Day 2

#17 15 min Adv Abs with Weights (INT CH)

#9 BS Express 8 Min Get it Done Ankle Weights Optional (ADV UNDER 30 CH)

Day 3

#23 10 Min Core Definition (INT CH)

#12 BS Express 10 min Adv Arms and Core Don't Stop (ADV UNDER 30 CH)

Day 4

#32 11 min Arms, Core and a Whole Lot More (INT CH)

BS 30 Min #5 of 5 MORE THAN CORE (ADV UNDER 30 CH) (it's the last one on this channel)

Check back next week for the next challenge! Press Play!

Erin Hatlestad

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