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Body Sculpt Express Challenge

Happy May Day! I hope everyone is enjoying a warm day like we are in Southern Minnesota. Wtih the warm weather I know we find ourselves moving our activiies outdoors. We just got a puppy (yay!) and I myself am finding myself outside walking instead of getting in a full barre workout. This is a good change! Spending time outdoors is good for your mind, body and soul. I want to cater to this new season. I love getting your selfies each week after you have completed one of my videos. Keep up the discipline!

Next week's calendar is a bit different than our normal schedule. We are going to complete all 15 BS Express classes in 7 days! I just posted #15 today, #15 BS Express 17 min Total Body Sculpt. You can use handweights and a ball for this class. All of the BS Express classes are short. Starting tomorrow, you will be doing 2 each day EXCEPT next Saturday, the final day where you will complete 3. This is a perfect challenge to get you feeling stronger as we head into summer and since all the classes are short it will help get you outside to enjoy the sun!

Next week's calendar: (all videos are on the BODY SCULPT CHANNEL and BS Express)

Sun: #1 and #12

MON: #2 and #15 (NEW!)

TUES: #3 and #14

WED: #4 and #7

THURS: #5 and #11

FRI: #6 and #8

SAT: #9, #10 and #13

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