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Introducing BODY SCULPT 1.0! I created this 5 part series in the midst of the COVID - 19 pandemic. With everything going on in our ever changing world right now, I have not been able to keep my regular recording schedule. These videos are all taken from my phone without any editing. I wanted to give my subscribers something to give you mental focus while you are on the mat but also a mental DISTRACTION from what is going on off the mat (working from home, homeschooling kids, disinfecting nonstop, unemployment, cooking 100 million meals...and that's just a few). These videos are all total body with a different muscle group that will be sculpted throughout each class.

#1 TOTAL BODY SCULPT (hand weights)

#2 GLUTE FOCUS (hand weights)

#3 TANK TOP ARMS (hand weights)

#4 SHAKIRA THIGHS (heavy bands)

#5 MORE THAN CORE (ball and hand weights)

Working out from home is our only option right now, and it really does take discipline to press play. I hope this series can give you the fortitude to do just that.


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