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Committing to the Process

Each week as I write this post I feel like the last 7 days have completely disappeared. February is a busy time for families with vacations and winter schedules transitioning in to spring time. The overlap and fitting fun things in can be overwhelming.

Which is why I have been extremely impressed with the amount of subscribers that are pressing play on all 3 new videos each week. Working out at home and by yourself is VERY mentally difficult. I face the same challenges as anyone else hitting the mat and pressing record each week. Your determination is what will get your in front of your device each day to press play. Well done!

If you have any ideas for the next challenge I'm open to feedback. I have a lot of new videos and am going to continue to record to keep the content fresh.

I have 3 new videos again for the week of Feb 21st.

Day 1: #26 BS EXPRESS 10 min Shaky Core and Arms

Day 2: #27 BS EXPRESS 20 min Mat Madness

Day 3: #28 BS EXPRESS 20 min LOWER BODY BURN (this is a total body class but lots of legs!)


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