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Fall Challenge Check In

Good morning! Most of you are completing Day #5 of Week 2 today so I wanted to take the time to check in on your progress. We are half way! And I mean, we....I am also participating. When I recorded these videos I did it over a 2 month period so I didn't complete the challenge is 4 weeks. I wanted to make sure I felt the same way you all are feeling as we progress. How are you feeling with the commitment level?

Pressing play is the single most important part to this challenge. Without that element, the rest can't happen. Each week you will mentally and physically get stronger. I believe this time of year (the calm before the storm) it is vitally important for women to increase their stamina to keep up with our demanding schedules.

That's what the FALL CHALLENGE is all about. Mental and Physical strength.

Press Play,


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