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Intermediate Week #6 Videos Posted!

Good morning Studio E Team! I hope this message finds you well on Sunday morning. As we prepare for another week, I would like to thank all of you that have been staying strong on my videos each week and pushing me to deliver exactly what you want from an OnDemand site. I am working on the Lean Legs Channel and will post it soon as I add more videos. I will be adding videos to Lean Legs on an ongoing basis. So when you are looking for a lower body burn that is exactly where you will go! You will need props for that channel. Ankle weights, hand weights, bands and a ball.

Moving forward I will be laying out a weekly plan for you to conquer each week. The 4th of July holiday is 3 weeks away and I think that will be a perfect time to ramp up our workouts and stay focused.

Here is you plan for the week of June 15th:

Monday: 20 min Intermediate Week #6 Workout #1 "Shake to Change"

Tuesday: 13 min Popeye Arms (Intermediate Channel)

Wednesday: 21 min Intermediate Week #6 Workout #2 "One Step at a time"

Thursday: 29 min Body Sculpt Challenge #3

Friday: 8 min Intermediate Week #6 Core Bonus Burn AND9 min 30 Day Core Challenge #5

Set a time each day to workout and get it done! I will post next weeks plan and touch base on how you did this week over the weekend. Erin

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