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July 25th Videos

I can tell from the action on the site this week that we are all getting back on track and pressing play. Nice work! The feeling of accomplishment from checking your workout off your mile long list of things to do is unmatched. I met my goal (so far) of pressing play each day and completing some sort of barre workout each day. I did a core video each day and I am definitely feeling stronger because of it!

Let's keep up the discipline next week! Next week's calendar is only 4 days.

Here is the calendar for the week of July 25th:

Day 1: (INT CH) #8 15 min 4 dimensional Glutes

Day 2: (INT CH) #9 30 min Advanced Barre Weights and Ball

Day 3: (INT CH) #10 30 min Max Out (this is one of my favorites)

Day 4: (INT CH): #11 10 min Total Body Flow no props

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