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June 20th Workout Calendar - ARM CHALLENGE

I don't know where all of you live, but if you are anywhere close to Minnesota, you are in a major HEAT WAVE. I am in the middle of a baseball/softball weekend and I have been in the dusty and hot fields for 2 days and one more to go. Heat can zap our energy and make it difficult to stay hydrated. Try to find some air conditioning and press play!

This week we are going to conquer the 7 day ARM CHALLENGE. When I am not hitting all of my workouts (which has been more often than not this busy June), I always feel weakest in my arms. This challenge is a great arm and ab challenge that is accelerated to push even the most veteran student. The challenge is 7 videos that are under 15 minutes in 7 days.

The 7 day Arm Challenge has its very own channel. Complete 1 video each day start Monday.

Press play!


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