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Lean Legs Channel is up! Schedule for 4th of July Challenge.

Good morning! The Lean Legs Channel is up and live on the site. There are currently 5 videos uploaded with more on the way. 2 of the videos include ankle weights. I mention in one of the videos, if you choose to purchase ankle weights, you can wear them in EVERY video. Ankle weights are very versatile and add intensity to several exercises. Having said that, you can also not wear them for the videos that I have posted with them and still get a great workout!

How is everyone doing with the 5 day challenge? We have 2 more weeks until the 4th of July (where did summer go?)! Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday: 27 min Intermediate Week 5 Workout #1 (Intermediate Channel)

Tuesday: 14 min Glutes and Thighs with Ankle Weights (Lean Legs Channel)

Wednesday: 10 min Beginner Week #4 Bonus Burn Oblique and Side Body (Beginner Channel) This is not easy! Just because it's on the Beginner Channel it's still a very intense Workout.

Thursday: 15 min All Levels Lower Body Target (Lean Legs Channel)

Friday: 11 min Core Challenge #4 and Week #5 Bonus Burn - Beginner Arms and Core Plank and Prone (Beginner Channel) This is a great combo!

Discover your strongest, leanest and best self. Erin

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