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Lower Body Barre Class

It's been awhile since I posted a lower body class to the LEAN LEGS CHANNEL. No more! The newest video on Studio E is 20 min Lower Body Barre Class with Bands. I used a yellow and black band for this class but as always, you don't need them. But it does add a great burn!

I have 2 days left in completing both Core Challenge 1 and 2. I missed one day but made up for it the next day by doing 2 in a row. I rearranged the core challenge channel so you can see the sequence of videos I did (1-12). I definitely recommend if you are looking for a mini goal for yourself and a quick tone up before summer or a vacation.

Here is the weekly workout calendar for March 28th:

SUN: Barre Strong #24 - 7 min "Cobra Arms" AND NEW 20 min Lower Body Barre Class (LL)

MON: Barre Strong #16 - 26 min "From Top to Bottom"

TUES: #12 20 min Double the Burn (BEG CH) AND CORE CHALLENGE #1 of 6 (30 day CCC)

WED: #9 30 min Advanced Barre, weights and ball (INT CH)

THURS: #24 7 min SLEEVELSS DRESS (INT CH) AND 20 min Shaky Legs with Ankle Weights (LL)

FRI: Barre Strong #21 - 6 min "Core Galore" AND Barre Strong Barre Strong #12 - 18 min "TOTAL TONE"

SAT: #14 10 min Defined Arms (INT CH) and #28 13 min IMPROVE YOUR WEAKNESSES

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