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March Challenge: 30 classes in 31 days

It's March! If you started on March 1st, you are on day 3 of the 30 classes in 31 days challenge. This challenge can be completed a few different ways. You can do 1 video per day in order from 1-30. OR you can do 2-4 classes every few days and still complete all 30 classes by March 31st. I'll be doing a combination of this as I will also be recording new content for the new channel I will be adding this summer!

I won't be sending out a weekly calendar since the challenge is already laid out for you. But I will be sending out check in posts, motivation and encouragement throughout the month of March!

Ankle weights will add resistance to any of these already advanced classes. You can always rip them off part way through if they are too much depending on the class.

I'm excited to hear feedback from all of you participating in the March Challenge! Let me know how you are doing!

Press Play,

Erin Hatlestad

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