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So Many Challenges

I have been racking my brain to try to find a "NEW" way to explore the 10 challenges that are currently on the site. As I mentioned in the last blog, I will be launching a new challenge this fall that will be the toughest to date! Until then, how should we challenge ourselves?

Starting May 8th, we are going to do ALL OF THE CHALLENGES, and ALL OF THE CHANNELS to keep us pressing play all summer. What do I mean?

Days 1-10: You will do the #1 (first) video of EACH challenge and/or channel. There are 10 total.



Core 1

Core 2

Spring Challenge

Fall Challenge

advanced Under 30 min

Lean Legs

Barre Strong

Arm Challenge

Days 11-20: You will complete the #2 (second) video of EACH challenge and/or channel.

and so on...

This will take us all the way to OCTOBER!!! That's how many videos we have on the site to keep us busy as I record this summer.

The further we get a long, the fewer videos there will be as some challenges and channels are much shorter than others. (Core 1 and 2, Beginner and Arm Challenge)

I will send out the weekly calendar so you know exactly what videos you should do each day. But I wanted to get this out first to give you an outline of what's to come the next few months.

Get your mind and mat ready!


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