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Spring Challenge April 16th

I have been recording new content this week and will continue to do so over the next 4 months in preparation of the new Fall Challenge coming this year. I'm so excited to be sore again and getting my barre strength back.

Thanks to all participating in the Spring Challenge! If you started on April 10, you are 7 days in!

Remember, you can start a challenge on ANY DAY. So start today!

Week two will consist of 5 videos:

April 16th: #8 SC 20 min MUSCLE MADNESS ARMS

April 17th: #9 SC 25 min MUSCLE MADNESS TOTAL BODY

April 18th: #10 SC 13 min MUSCLE MADNESS LEGS

April 19th: #11 SC 25 min MUSCLE MADNESS TOTAL BODY

April 20th : #12 SC 30 min MSUCLE MADNESS TOTAL BODY

April 21 and 22 : REST/Cardio/Weights

Press Play!

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