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Summer Challenge Days 81-90

How are the stretches going at the end of each video? Are you doing them or stopping? (I can tell so don't lie:)

The stretches are important. Your body will thank you in the years to come.

Here at the videos for August 3-13.

Day 81: Beginner #12 AND #13

Day 82: Intermediate #13 20 min Complete Failure AND #14 Defined Arms

Day 83: Spring Challenge: #10 SC 13 min MUSCLE MADNESS TOTAL BODY

Day 84: Fall Challenge (scroll down) WEEK 3 #1 40 min

Day 85: ADV< 30 min: #9 BS Express 8 min Get it Done AND #10 BS Express 10 min Core and Arms

Day 86: Lean Legs: Intermediate Glute Target 18 min AND All Levels Lower Body Target 15 min

Day 87: Barre Strong (scroll down) #9 22 min Plie All Day (this will be great after your leg day yesterday!) AND 310 10 min Widdle the Middle

Day 88: Spring Challenge #11 SC 25 min MUSCLE MADNESS TOTAL BODY

Day 89: Fall Challenge (scroll down) WEEK 3 #2 10 min AND WEEK 3 #3 35 min

Day 90: ADV< 30 min #11 BS Express 20 min Barre with Ball

The challenge takes on another big change next time as the Lean Legs and Beginner Challenge are DONE!

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