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The Next 7 Days: Changing your Core

Greetings Studio E Members! Today is March 11th. If you started the March challenge, you are on day 11 of 30! Nearing the halfway point. I am going to list the next 7 videos and give some descriptions so you are PREPARED for the next week of workouts. I'll tell you right now, the next 7 days are all about core. Each video takes the ADVANCED level of ab exercises. Go slow, listen to my cues and protect your back at all times.

#12 BS Express 10 min Adv Arms and Core Don't Stop: The UPDOG SERIES will be the center of this class. Each exercise will be followed by this Studio E advanced core classic to give this workout an exceptional burn. Hand weights are need.

#13 BS Express 7 min ADVANCED ABS: I almost had to re-record this video because I couldn't talk my way through it. There are some tough exercises today! Hand weights are optional. This is a short video so remember you have the option to PRESS PLAY on BS 30 min #1 of 5 TOTAL BODY SCULPT to amp up this challenge. It is located at the bottom of the ADV UNDER 30 Channel.

#14 BS Express 10 min Advanced Side Abs: I mixed some new ab exercises in with some of the Studio E classics to ensure swift transitions. Obliques are the focus to start.

#15 BS Express 17 min Total Body Sculpt: A ball and handweights are needed for this class. It is a 5's workout so lots of repetition. We hit arms, abs and legs in this class.

#16 BS Express 15 min Stronger Than Ever: I give your core a bit of a break in this class and focus more on the lower body. I used a ball. You could repeat #13 to add onto this class to make sure you keep the ab gains you've made in the last 5 days.

#17 BS Express ADV 20 Min to a Perfect Saturday: If you have ankle weights I would use them for this class. I also used hand weights. The ab work at the beginning is crazy hard. Then we hit our arms and legs to create the best total body workout.

#18 BS Express 14 min ADV ARMS AND ABS: No props needed! This is my favorite kind of work out. Abs and arms. You start with some plank sequences and then to your back to keep you spine moving in all directions. This was a fun one!

Now you have a plan for the next 7 days. GET IT DONE! The action on the site is always inspiring.


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