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Weekly Calendar Nov 29th - Dec 5th

Here is the weekly workout calendar as we head into the first week of DECEMBER! 2020 is almost over folks. There are a few videos from the Beginner Channel that are in this weeks calendar. As always, please still do these videos even if you have been doing my classes for awhile. They are still intermediate exercises, the only difference is I explain each exercise with more detail and give more modifications. If you want to challenge yourself during these videos, you can do more reps while I am explaining the next exercise. Keep moving!

Sunday: #3 10 min Ab Blast - INT CHANNEL

Monday: #27 40 min THE BEST BARRE CLASS "New" - INT CHANNEL

Tuesday: #6 8 min Strong Legs AND #8 15 min 4 Dimensional Glutes - INT CHANNEL

Wednesday: #13 20 min Complete Failure. Ball and Handweights - INT CHANNEL

Thursday: #2 40 min - BEGINNER CHANNEL

Friday: #3 Core (No Planks) Bonus Burn 7 min AND #6 Arms/Abs Bonus Burn 12 min - BEGINNER CHANNEL

Saturday: LEG DAY!!15 min Butt Lifting Pretzel AND 17 min Legs on Fire Cardio Barre Fusion - LEAN LEGS CHANNEL

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